Fire Pits

Fire Pits Raleigh, NC The landscaped and outdoor living areas of a home or commercial property add to its beauty and value. They lend a fresh appearance to your immediate surroundings & become the perfect entertainment and relaxation spaces too. But they must be planned well and constructed by experts. Experienced hardscapes make sure that the areas are planned well and that all the features are included in the right proportion.

Just like landscapes have softscaping and hardscaping, many homeowners also like to get fire features installed in their yard. While a fireplace adds charm to a yard, not every area has room enough to accommodate one. Some homeowners don't want a huge masonry structure in their landscape, and an outdoor brick fire pit becomes a more feasible choice.

Local Hardscaping Specialists

We at Dean Schaeffer Landscape Construction are a much sought-after company in the hardscaping space in and around Raleigh, NC. For over 25 years, we have worked closely with clients in the Triangle to help them create stunning fire pits on their property. We cater to individual property owners, contractors, developers, and architects, as well as general contractors. If you are looking for custom fire pit design and planning solutions, we are the local hardscaping professionals that can help.

Aspects of Fire Pit Design and Planning

We understand that every landscape or yard has a specific style and layout. Each property owner also wants these areas to be just so. It's why we focus on offering clients the kind of solutions that meet their requirements perfectly. The various aspects we keep in view while planning outdoor fire pits are:

  • Choice of materials such as concrete, brick, or even natural stone.
  • Whether you want natural stone veneer cladding for your fire pit.
  • Filler material options such as river rock, lava rock or recycled glass.
  • You can choose from fuel options such as propane/natural gas.

We plan the stone fire pit in such a manner that it has seating around it, and our team can install brick pavers of your choice here.

Design and Installation of Fire Pits

  • When you call our company with your requirement for a concrete fire pit, our team will visit your property and have a consultation with you.
  • They will listen to your ideas and make a note of your preferences.
  • The experts will take accurate measurements of the available space.
  • They will offer recommendations, always keeping in view your needs.
  • We also show you various materials options and then provide a detailed quote.
  • Once you approved the quote, our fire pit installers will start the work at a time convenient to you.

When working with contractors and architects, we work on their plans and designs so that they can offer their clients the best services.

Fire Pit Costs

When you hire us for this work, you can be sure that superior masonry elements and superb craftsmanship will be used in the project. It means you will get a unique and long-lasting patio fire pit that enhances the aesthetics of your property.

When you want cost-efficient fire pit installations on your property, you need to look no further than our company. For any more information about the full range of services we offer, feel free to contact Dean Schaeffer Landscape Construction at 919-610-1755. You can also contact us through this Online Form, and we will get back to you within the shortest time.
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