Clay & Concrete Pavers

Clay and Concrete Pavers Pavers are easily some of the most popular flooring materials because of their wonderful benefits. They are primarily prized for their beauty and the ease at which they can be customized to achieve a specific look. At Dean Schaeffer Landscape Construction, we offer professional installation of clay and concrete pavers to owners of residential properties and business establishments in Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Apex, Holly Springs, and other areas in the state of North Carolina. With our 25 years of experience serving the Raleigh area and beyond, you’re sure to get your desired results when you hire us.

Exceptional Structures Made of Clay Pavers

Clay pavers or brick pavers possess an elegant and classic appeal that many contractors, architects, property developers, and homeowners find appealing. Clay has an earthy, natural appeal that makes it a perfect material for structures with a classic or Old World theme. For driveways and pool decks, clay pavers are highly preferred because of their skid- and slip-resistant property. They have a natural textured surface that makes them perfect for constantly wet areas. Brick pavers are also very easy to install and can be laid even during foul weather conditions. Additionally, they are resistant to damages caused by constant exposure to weather changes. They also retain their natural color and conform to soil movement, hence preventing damages.

Tough, yet Elegant Concrete Paver Structures

Clay and Concrete Pavers When it comes to building elegant and durable concrete structures, concrete pavers are among the favorite materials by builders and owners of commercial and residential properties in North Carolina. These building materials are available in dozens of colors, designs, textures, and shapes, making them highly flexible to use design-wise. Accordingly, it’s easy to achieve a highly custom look by using concrete pavers. They are also prized for their durability and ease of maintenance, which translates to huge savings over time. In fact, as a flooring and paving solution, they are rated three times stronger compared to poured concrete.

Why Hire Us for Your Paver Installation Needs?

Collectively, our personnel have nearly half a century’s worth of relevant industry experience creating stunning paver structures that can last a lifetime. Our people continuously undergo industry training to help them keep abreast of the latest landscaping practices and trends. We also use only premium pavers from leading partner suppliers in the country. We can build garages, patios, walkways, steps, driveways, decks, and more using our premium clay and concrete pavers. Best of all, we guarantee to do the job right the first time, hence saving you money on excess work hours. And as seal of our quality workmanship and our way of assuring our clients, we provide warranty to all our projects. Call us today and let us build you stunning structures that are sure to last.
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